About Me

My name is Valeria, im a photography student, blogger and a wannabe model!

I'm very moved by fashion, style,art, party and all the greatest things of life... I take style very seriously cause that's what defines our personality, the way you dress, the way you walk, the way you talk, and also the way you express tells a lot about yourself.....

Blue&Vanilla is a whole concept, is not just a blog, is where I let people know a little bit more about my lifestyle and inspirations. Is reflecting as well my personality, ''Blue'' represents my artistic, photigraphic and creative part,also where all the modeling happens, while on the other hand ''Vanilla'' is the sweet and down-to-earth side.

The objective of this is not only bloggin' is to create a brand so not only me, but you, can identify with... If you have any suggestion or something you want to share with me, please feel free to do it!

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